Pin iT Ltd

Pin iT originally had a poor quality logo and no brand identity. They engaged me to create a great looking, professional logo that would not look out of place as an icon on a mobile app. They also stipulated that their branding should be instantly recognisable (as all good branding should be).

I kicked off the project with research into their competitors in the child/vulnerable person safety industry to see what they were doing, what was working well for them and any opportunities I could pursue to get Pin iT the best results from their branding.

I chose the blue colouring for their branding as this signifies trustworthiness and approachability as I wanted the end users to feel the company was friendly and that parents would be happy contacting them. I also wanted the parents to feel secure that their children were safe wearing Pin iTs GPS watches as Pin iT had built the security software from scratch, making sure that any child wearing the watch could not be contacted by anyone other than a parent or authorised guardian.

The overall logo design is modern, bold and clean with a style that compliments the Pin iT brand.

Having created a high end,  modern and credible brand for Pin iT Ltd they now see me as their “Creative Director” to oversee large portions of their design work, both traditional and digital.