Experience Art Events Ltd

I was approached by Experience Art Events to create a series of modern, arty logos for a company that puts on art events in the Sussex area of the UK. The first was to be for the parent company ‘Experience Art Events Ltd’. The client wanted it to be plain in colour. The second was for the ‘West Sussex Art Fair’ and the third, for the ‘East Sussex Art Fair’. The fourth logo was an overall logo for ‘Sussex Art Fairs’. These three were to be similar in style to each other, but not to the parent company logo. Another stipulation of the client was that the coloured logos were to use many different colours to represent the many varied types of ‘art’ that would be on display at their events.

I wanted to create the ‘Sussex Art Fairs’, the ‘East Sussex Art Fair’ and the ‘West Sussex Art Fair’ logos so they would easily stand with some of the more famous galleries and museums around the globe such as the Victoria & Albert Museum. During my research, I noticed a lot of these institutions were either using sans-serif fonts or retro/deco fonts. I decided to offer the client several variants on the latter. They loved this approach and after some tweaking, the current set of logos was accepted.

Having created a set of high-end logos, Experience Art Events Ltd were offered several venues for their art fairs including Goodwood Race Course and Brighton Race Course. I was offered the contract to provide all printed media needs for Experience Art Events Ltd. From their business stationery right through to their exhibition graphics and brochures.